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Reality Checks A Speciality





Her mystical ways can be seen in her gaze,

As she reaches through your indecisive haze,

Your soul open and  perhaps a little fallow,

Kate will feed your truth from a spoon fashioned from mallow.

Divine light paves the Truth Fairy's way,

to your heart's hidden & sheltered bay,

Where,  in the purity of sparkling, warm white sand,

Lies many a tale from your divine spirit's homeland.

Only Truth can help you to find your way,

To your kingdom where you may command each day, 

to guide your soul to your happiest fate,

Toward true destiny, so let's fix a date.

Your Arrival Here

Is The First Step To Realigning Your Inner Compass

You arrival here is no accident.  More of a quirk, a divine intervention that signposted you to hear about me, or maybe a friend was inspired to pass on my telephone number.


Now you have arrived, rest assured that you are in good company. My work is to help you to take a reality check, encouraging your spirit to forge ahead, with enough foresight and wisdom to navigate you through the ups and downs of progress, more focussed on your goals, maximising the opportunities to fulfill your hopes and desires along the way, whether they are emotional, vocational, or goals that read like a contemporary novel!

Our first step is to set up an appointment to talk, so please get in touch, by either completing the short form below, or texting or WhatsApping me, or perhaps dropping me an email.

Finally, Thank you for visiting my site, I hope to hear from you soon

Kate Lomax

07442 179771


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